Wednesday, May 19, 2010

June 2010 Berlin GTUG Meeting

We had a great event for our June Berlin GTUG meetin on Monday June 7th, 2010 at 18:30 (6:30pm). We met at the new thinking store for this event again.

Our agenda will included:

  • Andrew Gerrand, from the Go project at Google will be presenting the Go programming language being developed by a team at Google at Mountain View. Go is a new, experimental, open-source programming language. It has a succinct, clear syntax, a flexible (static) type system, and built-in concurrency primitives. It was built by a team at Google led by Rob Pike. This session will provide an overview of Go, explaining why it
    exists, and what sets it apart from today's popular programming languages, and will show how it can be used to develop Google Wave robots. Until the introduction by Andrew, you can read more about go at the project's web site:
  • As this event was shortly following the Google I/O Developer conference, we focused on doing a recap of the most important announcements around HTML5, Android, Google App Engine, etc.
As usual, we also had our regular topics, including:
  • GTUG Members presentations: tell the group what Google Technology you are using and demo your projects using these technologies
  • GTUG Calendar
  • Google Tech Roundup: quick recap' about what happened in the Google Tech Land since last meeting
  • Google Tech Clinic: problems and solutions from our GTUG members
We also had an event page on Amiando.

The slides for this event are available on Google Docs here:

Andrew will share the Google Go presentation on the site soon.

We have some pictures of the event on Picasa Web Albums here:

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