Tuesday, June 26, 2012

IO12 Extended Berlin & San Francisco - LIVE

With this live blogging tool you have the best of both worlds: The live stream directly from Google I/O in San Francisco as well es our live blog posts on our G+ page and the official Google announcements for new products and releases (2nd tab).
So if you can't join us for the party at c-base you can follow our updates here.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dart, IO extended, GTUG to GDG transition

We had a great Dart language event with Anders Sandholm and Florian Loitsch from Google in May and if you missed it or want to recap some facts, the slides are available here. More documentation for the Dart language is available here. Further a small free Dart ebook is available from O'Reilly.

The next event of Berlin GTUG together with Android In Berlin, the Google IO extended, will take place on Wednesday, 27th of June, and Thursday, 28th of June, starting at noon on both days at c-base. You'll still be in time for the video streaming, party and hackathon even if you join after work. Find more detailed information here and register for IO extended here.

Berlin GTUG will get a new name: GDG Berlin. The name transition will take place around Google IO extended and is related to a global name change of GTUGs to GDGs (Google Developer Groups).

If you'd like to present some of your Google Technologies related work on a GDG Berlin meeting, know someone who should do a presentation there, want to work on specific topics within the GDG, have contact to companies that would like to sponsor or host GDG events, want to have & prepare more hackathons or GDG meetings then feel free to write to the group or contact the group leads. Currently we are aiming to have an event at least every one to two months but could meet more often with your participation, help and input.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I/O Extended 2012 on board of the c-base spacestation

Don't be sad, it's gonna be even better

Didn't get a ticket for the I/O in San Francisco and are around the Berlin Area during that time?

Forget the $900 ticket fee, forget booking the flight to the States, forget the pain of the actual travel and just enjoy in the comfort of the c-base space station instead.

For the second time c-base is proud to be hosting the Google I/O Extended in Berlin and YOU are invited to join our Googly happening. GDG Android in Berlin and Berlin GTUG joined forces to make it a great experience for you!

>Register here<


On Wednesday and Thursday at noon the c-base will be hosting a freestyle Hackathon around all Google APIsGet together with other enthusiasts, enhance your skills and make awesome stuff. Of course you can work on projects to be submitted to the all new Google Apps Developer Challenge with a first price of $20,000 per Team!.

At 18:00 we'll switch the Context and set focus over to San Francisco and will watch the live streams from the Google I/O event, starting with the much anticipated keynotes.

There will be 2 (maybe more) separate rooms showing the voted tracks. After you have registered for a day you can vote on the 2 Sessions you want to see.

Join us on board of the Mother of all Hackerspaces that crashed Berlin a long time ago and has been home to all sorts of creative minds.

You can work either on software or improve your skills with the hardware side of the ADK.

Test your Android application on devices that the c-base has to offer: from first generation mobile phone, two Google TV boxes and a variety of tablets.

TL;DR: Come or cry, it's going to be awesome!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Introduction to the Dart language on 24th of May, co-organized by Berlin JS, JUG BB and Berlin GTUG

Great news! We´ll have two top Dart language specialists from the Google office in Aarhus in Denmark, the birthplace of Dart, visiting us for a joint event of Berlin JS, JUG BB and Berlin GTUG. Florian Loitsch, one of the engineers in the core Dart team, and Anders Sandholm, product manager at Google, will provide us with in depth information about the Dart language for stuctured web apps.

The two fold event on Thursday, 24th of May, will take place at co-working space AHOY!Berlin in Charlottenburg near Stuttgarter Platz.

The first part of the event offers some hands-on Dart experience (from setting up the SDK, IDE, to some “hello world!” accomplishment) and will take place from 4pm to 6pm. Please register at meetup for the first part of the event.  All participants are expected and required to bring their own laptops and power cords. AHOY!Berlin will provide WiFi and 'some' power outlets.

The second part will be a presentation about Dart with Q&A (7pm to 9pm) followed by a get together in the Ahoy Lounge where we can continue with a laid-back general discussion about Dart. Please register at meetup for the second part of the event.

Google is sponsoring this event, including coffee during the hands-on session and cold drinks to chill out after the presentation.

If you want to prepare yourself for the event have a look at

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Berlin GTUG Meeting on 26th of March, 7pm.

Lets get together late March to celebrate the early spring arrival in Berlin and reconnect on Google technology.

Sorry for the late notice, but we decided it would be better to have a small event next week rather than wait for our late April meeting to see each other again. Therefore we are looking forward to welcoming you in the Less Rain basement, where Jerome will present How to super-charge your startup with Google App Engine, and our usual GTUG updates. Afterwards lets have a drink and chat.

The Meeting will take place on Monday, 26th of March, at 7pm. We'll meet at Less Rain, Linienstrasse 154a, 10115 Berlin.

Please register for the event at meetup.

About our main presentation: How to super-charge your startup with Google App Engine

Jerome, CTO at SnapEngage, will briefly present Google AppEngine, and will focus on why the PaaS from Google should be a hosting platform considered by any early stage Internet startup. The presentation will then focus on good practices to get started with Google AppEngine, and some ways to avoid common issues.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Berlin GTUG meets on 13th. of February, 7pm @ IS24 Scoutlounge

Topics: Zukunftsinstitut & Cross Platform Development

After several great GTUG events last year, we want to start 2012 with another highly interesting meeting. Topics will be:

- The Berlin "Zukunftsinsitut" / "Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft" that was newly founded by Google. Ahmet Emre Açar from www.internetundgesellschaft.de will inform us about the institute and we will have a chance for disussion, too.

- IS24, KaufDa, Komoot (alphabetical order) all have a multi-platform mobile strategy and will give presentations on how they manage the cross-platform development process.

Please register for this event at meetup. Your registration helps organizing Berlin GTUG events better.

Doors open at 6:30pm, presentations start at 7pm.
Stay tuned for more detailed information on the talks.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Next Berlin GTUG meeting on Monday September 12th, 2011 evening starting at 18:30 at Club-Office

The next meeting of the Berlin GTUG will take place on September 12th, starting at 18:30, in the cafeteria of Club-Office, a very nice co-working and office space, located Bundesallee 171, 10715 Berlin.

Please, sign up on our new meetup event registration page as soon as possible to assist us with the organization.

Our main topics for this event will be Google Closure and the Play framework on Google App Engine.

Filip M. Noetzel, a rockstar freelancer from Berlin will walk us through Google Closure. Google Closure Tools is a set of building blocks open sourced by Google in November 2009 used to build products like Gmail, Maps, Docs, Sites, Books, Reader, Calendar, etc. — It consists of Closure Compiler (a JS-to-JS compiler aimed to make your JavaScript smaller, faster and more robust), Closure Library (a rather comprehensive JavaScript library designed for building large applications), Closure Templates (a Client-and-Server templating solution) and a few other tools built around this ecosystem. The talk will provide an overview on these tools, a little background on why things are designed the way they are, differences to other solutions and why you might want to choose Closure for your next web project.

Our second topic will be presented by Raphael Andre Bauer, a regular attendee and presenter at our GTUG, and an awesome local entrepreneur. He will enlight us on using the Play Framework with Google App Engine and GWT.

In addition to these 2 columns, we will have our usual Google Tech Roundup, some status on the Google Developer Day in Berlin, and a fun raffle of awesome swags.

See you at Club-Office!